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The Right Web Hosting
Selecting the right web hosting service for you and your site involves carefully looking into the details of the hosting package. From going through all the features listed (which one is important to you?) to computing if you can afford the basic package and even some upgrades. It also involves getting to know the web hosting service through the years by reading through reviews.
We are not talking about angry rants about failed customer support or intermittent network connection. A good review lists the facts and then lets you decide if this is still the right web hosting account for you. Our review of FatCow sticks to the facts.
What FatCow Offers
FatCow is a shared web hosting service. What does this mean? This means that each FatCow server holds several other hosting accounts, not just yours. Think of it as a train that holds many other passengers, compared to your very own car.
A free domain name for every account that you sign up to
Free mobile site building tool (this is a relatively new addition)
Lots of desktop/laptop site templates for you to choose from
Unlimited mailboxes for all of your emailing needs
Powered by 100% wind energy
Unlimited disk space
Unlimited bandwidth
Unlimited hosted domains
Unlimited MySQL databases (we all know this is helpful if you are planning to use WordPress)
FatCow Perks
If you are a beginner, note the following FatCow perks designed specifically to help those who are just starting out with the web hosting and web administering industry.
Since not all users are beginners, you also need to cater to the experts. Although admittedly FatCow is marketed as a beginner-friendly site, it has a few features that might appeal to the seasoned web admin person.
Let’s focus on one feature: FatCow’s blogging tools for you. Today, majority of websites have a blogging section. This allows you to write in detail about a specific section or feature in your website. This also allows your reader to get to know you more and see regular updates from you that otherwise, is difficult to notice in a typical web format.

Another thing to note is that blogging is on the rise today. There are so many prolific bloggers from fashion gurus to blogger moms and even personalities that prefer to tell the story themselves, instead of giving it to the press or media groups.

As a blogger, you will be glad to note that FatCow has the following tools for you: